Emily Leeming

Emily Leeming Gut Health Dietition

Emily Leeming

Dietitian MSc | Nutritionist BSc (Hons) | Health Writer & Founder


(To Be) PhD from King’s College London (Current 2019-2022)
Master of Science Degree in Dietetics
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition

Dietitian Nutritionist Emily Leeming has a passion for the gut microbiome and is fascinated by it’s connection with health and disease. She is especially interested in the link between the gut microbiome and other areas in the body, and the future of targeted probiotic therapies. Emily works from an evidence-based stance, breaking down the latest scientific research on gut health into digestible ‘human speak’ either through writing articles or in her consultation sessions. An ex-Chef, Emily retrained as a Dietitian after experiencing first hand the power of nourishing food with her private clients. Emily firmly believes in helping you to gain food confidence and empowering you to regain control of your own health based on the best evidence available.



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