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Teach how to start making your own fermented veg, fruit and drinks

  • Linea Nutrition Hackney 63 Cricketfield Road London, England, E5 United Kingdom (map)

This course will teach you all you need to start doing your own fermented vegetables, fruits and drinks. We will also be dicussing all the health benefits of including fermented foods in your daily diet. Get all the nutritional information on how to heal your gut and be healthier allround. The group is small with a maximum of 8 so you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. This workshop is a hands on workshop and you will take home 2 ferments as well as a scoby and grains to make your own kombucha or water kefir. Lunch is included where you will be able to taste all the ferments you are taught on the day. All recipes are also included as well as a gut healing protocol. The lunch will be plant based, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. You will be learning how to make the following:
- Various Dry fermented Sauerkrauts
- Kimchi
- Cultured Krauts
- Fermented Pickles
- Fruit ferments
- Nut Cheese
- Dairy and non dairy kefir
- Fermented Drinks like Kombucha and water kefir

The course will start at noon with a kombucha style welcome drink and some fermented nibbles. After a brief group introduction and discussion I will start the day with lecturing about the health benefits of fermented foods and how including them in your diet could help heal your gut and increase a strong immune system to enjoy better health and longevity. We will then go throguh all the different variation of fermenting before you make your own hand crafted ferments to take home together with your SCOBY starters, recipes and gut healing protocol.

About Åsa:

Your teacher Åsa Simonsson a Swedish Naturopath in London has been fermenting since she was a child and have learned many of her fermentation skills from her aunty that has a fermentation business in Sweden. Asa has extensive knowledge on how to ferment and how not to ferment as well as its many benefits on our health.


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