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Happy gut, happy mind: A masterclass with nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik

  • The Guardian King's Place, 90 York Way London, England, N1 9GU United Kingdom (map)

Learn about the far-reaching benefits of good digestion, and how to dramatically improve your diet and gut health. A gift bag of gut-friendly goodies included.

You will have heard expressions like ‘gut instinct’, ‘gut feeling’ or ‘gut reaction’, but you may not be quite so in tune with just HOW strong a relationship there is between the health of our gut and our mind. In fact, the core connection between the gut and the brain is a real and mutually beneficial one that involves the nervous system and the trillions (yes, really!) of microbes that live in the gut.

During this insightful masterclass with nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik we will explore some of the foods and factors that help to support this process. This could turn your beliefs of what you thought was all in your head literally on its head, and have you realising that your gut has much more of a say than you think.

As well as receiving a gift bag of goodies, attendees will also be able to buy a copy of Eve’s bestselling book, Be Good to Your Gut, and have it signed on the night.


  • The gut - what is it?

  • Understanding the gut microbiome (the trillions of microorganisms in the gut)

  • Why we need a healthy gut

  • Understanding why the gut is considered our second brain

  • The link between the gut and the brain

  • How to support the gut and in this the mind

  • The impact that stress has on the gut

  • The concept of ‘rest and digest’

  • Receive a gift bag of exciting gut-friendly goodies

  • Q&A - answering your personal digestive dilemmas

Tutor profile

Eve Kalinik is a qualified nutritional therapist and health writer. She regularly hosts workshops and talks, and is a columnist for Psychologies magazine. Eve is a registered member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). 

£49 + booking fee

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