Be good to your gut - EVE KALINIK

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Having a strong and healthy gut doesn’t simply improve digestion – it has a profound effect on almost every aspect of our health and wellbeing
— Eve Kalinik

With so much practical information to explore in Eve Kalinik's book, I always feel as though I've barely touched the surface. The layout has been expertly thought through and is a testament to her talents as a Nutritional Therapist, as well as “a mad keen foodie”.

Eve takes you through a journey designed to flow seamlessly between nutritional information and delicious recipes. Just as you're engrossed in facts about microbes, inflammation and hormones, Eve will tease you with a cinnamon loaf packed full of gut-soothing foods. Before you know it, you'll look up to find yourself in the kitchen mixing ingredients. This book hasn’t really found a place to settle in the house yet. I seem to carry it from room to room. For the moment, it lives under my arm.

I’ll be sharing lots more of my explorations into this wonderful book with you in the coming months.


How did you come up with the idea to create this book?

It was really just a natural evolution from my experience with clients as well as growing up in a foodie family. Using 'digestible' language for the technical science stuff to empower the reader with knowledge but then translating that onto the plate that is delicious apart from anything else.

How did you approach writing this book?

I kind of knew how I wanted it to be set out so had a framework of sorts and then just wrote with that as my base. The recipes were a bit more haphazard like I'd see an ingredient and be struck with an idea and have to rush home and experiment. I've been told they worked out though :)

How did you gather your research for this book?

Using lots of published papers, attending seminars and from my personal experience in practise too. Plus looking back at our ancestral history in terms of our eating habits, culture and processing. It was multi factorial

Where is your favourite place to write?

In my kitchen

What has been the major hurdle that you have had to overcome to write it?

Time. I had to run a practise alongside as well as my other commitments so if there was a next time (I hope there will be!) then I would plan it better time wise

If you could give one piece of advice to someone setting out to write a book like yours, what would it be?

Give yourself plenty of time and space


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Recipe from 'Be good to your gut' - Hazelnut, cardamon, cacao granola 

Natalie Palmer