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The gut’s network of nerves is called the “gut brain” because it is just as large and chemically complex as the gray matter in our heads. Were the gut solely responsible for transporting food and producing the occasional burp, such a sophisticated nervous system would be an odd waste of energy. Nobody would create such a neural network just to enable us to break wind. There must be more to it than that.
— Giulia Enders

With an opening chapter titled - How does pooing work?  You are immediately aware that Giulia is not one to faff about when it comes to the workings of our gut. Whether it's phrases like “the charm of the colon” or the playful illustrations, you can tell that she is on a mission to break the poo taboo and get people talking.

This was literally the case with me. On numerous occasions, I would bring out her book at the dinner table to point out the hilarious illustrations, and open up discussions about gut health. I love this about the book. It draws peoples in. When you're done giggling, you ultimately end up discussing the all-important questions, like how our gut could potentially be linked with our brains and emotions.

Giulia manages to work her way through the functions of the Gastrointestinal tract, explaining the complexity of this organ and its miraculous processes, with playful wit and charm. It's such a joy to read through that you almost forget you're learning. I would highly recommend grabbing a copy, for the entertainment alone – a perfect one to keep by the loo.

Flora Montgomery