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The details of this book hover somewhere between home cooking, a curiosity for cheffy imagination, food science technique and an unquestionable belief that food is medicine that can promote great healing or cause great harm.
— Dearbhla Reynolds

When I heard about the Cultured Club, I immediately pre-ordered it on amazon. Finally, a book about ferments for British vegetables that we have readily available and grew up with! There are so many books for Asian flavours, but nothing that gave some oomph to the British vegetable patch.  

If you’ve heard the recording of Dearbhla’s kitchen on radio 6 (click here), you’ll get an audio reference for what the pages of this book have to offer.  Dearbhla makes no fuss with her recipes. She gets straight to the point and they are easy to follow.  With this book, your kitchen will be fizzing, whizzing and popping in no time.


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Recipe from The Cultured Club - 'Happy Fermented Chilli Sauce'

Flora Montgomery