The Diet Myth - TIM SPECTOR

The diet myth.JPG
This book is about expelling myths and arbitrary rules. I have tried not to replace them with new rules or restrictions, but rather with knowledge.
— Tim Spector

As a private chef, for the last 10 years, I've watched people become increasingly bewildered by the simple question of what they should eat. Then finally, The Diet Myth fell in my lap and, at last, here was a book that screamed out – “we all respond differently to the same foods” - Boom!

Tim Spector takes us through all the food groups; fats, proteins, carbs, fibres, and artificial foods. He overturns many diet and food myths and gives descriptive explanations of how the mechanisms in our bodies process them. Then suddenly he mentions microbes. Microbes?  What are these things you talk of, Tim? Unbeknownst to me, this moment would begin my voyage of discovery into gut health. 

As I hope anyone else picking up this book will find, delving into the wonders of microbes will allow them to understand what has previously been a blank spot in modern nutrition.

Flora Montgomery