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Hypnotherapist IBS Lydia Johnson
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Always think positive, be honest - its consistent, iron out creases as soon as they arise and try to give the benefit of any doubt to all those around you….it all works!
— Lydia Johnson


Clinical Hypnotherapy is being recognised more and more as a treatment to support symptoms of IBS and other gut-related disorders like ulcerative colitis.

I have learnt from Lydia that most preconceptions about Hypnotherapy are wrong - there is no swinging pendulum, and you aren’t going to end up going into a deep sleep and admitting all your darkest secrets, or wetting yourself. No, the hypnotherapy gently guides you to tune out of your conscious mind to then access your subconscious mind which is open to change. It is like a deep meditative state, increasing the brain’s theta waves. The technique uses suggestion, imagery and relaxation to produce a therapeutic effect.

Gut directed clinical hypnosis addresses the ‘miscommunication’ between the brain and gut and uses positive suggestions that are aimed at calming both the mind and the digestive tract preventing unnecessary focus or discomfort in the body.

Please note that the effects of therapy may differ for different clients, and should always be used alongside more conventional influences such as lifestyle and diet.


Lydia Johnson, Hypnotherapist

Clinic Name: London Clinic of Hypnotherapy

Area of expertise: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Smoking Cessation, Phobias, Relationships

Clinic Location: Belsize Park + Shoreditch, London

Remote consultations: Yes, via Skype


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What is your earliest memory?

Hiding under a weeping willow tree in our garden at home, still love the overhanging leaves.

Where or when are you the happiest?

Eating al fresco, round a table in the sunshine with loved ones.

What is the gutsiest thing you have ever done?

Skiing off the side of a mountain – paragliding, I think I may have had a of wine or two.

What is your current life philosophy?

Always think positive, be honest - its consistent, iron out creases as soon as they arise and try to give the benefit of any doubt to all those around you….it all works!

What 3 things do you treasure the most?

My son, my dog Quincy and authentic people.

How would your greatest friend describe you in three words?

Open minded, generous and upbeat (on a good day)

How did you first become interested in Gut Health?

Personal health problems, and looking for practical solutions. I had aching joints and dry skin, my diet dictated how I felt, so clearly gut health and nutrition had to be the way forward.

What achievement are you most proud of in your career so far?

Training to be a hypnotherapist, following my instinct. Helping and supporting cancer patients. Also young girls with eating disorders on the road to recovery.

What tune gets you going?

I’m into a band I saw play in Cornwall at Port Eliot….Confidence Man. They are Australian and an extraordinary act live!


I have had IBS for many years which has plagued me with anxiety and ill health. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy. However, Lydia was able to teach me useful techniques to help me relax. I have not been triggered and feel lighter and less stressed. I feel like I have a brighter future and less burdened.
— Emma


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