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Gutsy UK Gut Health Borough Broth Co
Gutsy UK Gut Health Borough Broth Co
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Borough Broth Co, championed by Founder and Managing Director Ros Heathcote is a company dedicated to delivering high-end broths to everyday kitchens. Her inspirational story tells of how a data analyst-turned-entrepreneur found a gap in the crossover industry of cooking and gut health and began her quest to revolutionise the culinary scene.  

Starting off making broths in a slow cooker in her home kitchen, Ros noticed the difference it was making to her allergies and overall health. Enthused by the taste and health potential of the broths but frustrated with its messy preparation, time constraints and the difficulty in sourcing organic, 100% grass-fed beef bones, she set out to find a producer of a sustainable, organic, tasty and nutritionally wholeseome bone broth in the UK. To her amazement, no such thing existed.

And so Borough Broth Co was conceived to give life to this ideal.

It’s about being able to pick something up off the shelf and trusting that everything that goes into that product has been mindfully sourced and treated with the respect our food deserves
— Ros Heathcote ~ Founder

Today, the broths are locally-produced in Borough Broth’s Soil Association Certified Organic west London Kitchen and are made using organic, locally sourced meat from select small- and medium-scale British producers. Her broths are a convenient alternative to making broths from scratch and appeal to the health-minded cooks among us that help run a busy household.

The result is a product people can trust, with 100% whole, natural, organic ingredients.

In 2019, they also launched a low FODMAP range.



Organic Beef Broth - A well-seasoned nourishing broth made by cooking organic grass-fed beef bones for 24 hours to ensure this broth is both delicious and nutritionally complete. The broth is made the traditional way packed with organic vegetables, herbs and seasoning.

Organic Lamb Broth - A flavoursome broth, made using grass-fed lamb reared and sourced from Somerset. Highly collagen-dense, this broth also delivers nutritionally.

Organic Chicken Broth - Awarded two stars at Great Taste Awards and Highly Commended by Delicious magazine's produce awards, this versatile broth is a kitchen staple.

Organic Fish Broth - Sustainably sourced, the fish broth is made in line with UK fishing seasons to deliver a high-quality and tasty broth.

Organic Chicken Pho Broth - An aromatic, nourishing and fragrant broth perfect as a base to a noodle soup.

FODMAP Broth Chicken + Beef - This onion and salt free, low FODMAP broth is ideal for those on the AIP, SCD and low FODMAP protocols. Not suitable for those avoiding gelatin.

Vegan Miso - Their first ever vegan-friendly broth, made with British organic seaweed, organic brown rice miso, organic apples, ginger and tumeric with black pepper. 

*Prices will vary

We love making our own, but for when you don’t get a chance here’s a great option. Organic Bones, spring water, vegetables, herbs and seasoning are simmered for 24 hours ensuring a powerful punch of nourishment and flavour. We Love Borough Broth Co.
— Hemsley & Hemsley

What has been the biggest hurdle to overcome to create this product?

Remaining uncompromising when it comes to quality, ethical sourcing and sustainability when faced with the task of scaling up has raised some interesting questions.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to create this product?

When I started out I knew very little about running a business, manufacturing or in fact running a commercial kitchen. I knew a bit about branding and I loved food but that was about it. Early on I contacted Tamara Arbib via linkedin as I’d watched Rebel Kitchen grown in such an inspiring way in such a short space of time. She offered me some sage advice that I still refer to regularly. Additionally I saw Jo Malone do a talk on her development of her brand and it was inspiring to see someone so passionate about their products.

What is coming up next for your product?

What’s cool about broth is that virtually every culture has their own version. The concept much the same - boil bones - but each place brings in their own unique flavours to make vastly different foods.

We always have our new product development hats on. We realise it’s important to keep things interesting, and variety is key, not only from a business perspective but also for gut health. Plus the team and I love food, so we really do enjoy the chance to get creative with new products. Watch this space!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone setting out to make a product like yours, what would it be?

Don't spend a huge amount of time planning a business, just get started doing it. Even if it means on a small scale, or creating a proof of concept. And don't procrastinate on decisions. Just do it.

Who has been the most influential person on your Gut Health journey?

I’ve been very inspired and supported by Eve Kalinik. She has become a real ambassador of our broth and even mentions us as her go-to ready made bone broth in her book #begoodtoyourgut. I absolutely love her fact-based no-nonsense approach to gut health.

What is your favourite Gut Health product, other than your own!

The Cultured Collective’s Kimchi. In fact, Nikki (the founder) and I used to run a gut health stall called ‘Eat Well Good’ together - her flogging her delicious ferments and me with the bone broth. It was a hoot!

Where do you see the future for Gut Health awareness in the UK?

It seems like gut health is a buzzword at the moment. And rightly so. It’s exciting to be at the cutting edge of new scientific research, and I look forward to more being done to uncover the intricacies of gut health. It’s so complex and fascinating, and hopefully scientific studies will continue to be funded to build a clearer picture of gut health and what it means.

The Borough Broth Company do an amazing job...I rarely ever buy ‘ready made’ items but I would make an exception for this company, the provenance of the ingredients and the time taken over its development shines through.
— Sophie Michell - Executive Chef and Bestselling Food Writer
Flora Montgomery