Bottlebrush Ferments

Gutsy UK Gut Health Ferments Bottlebrush
Gutsy UK Gut Health Ferments Bottlebrush
Gutsy UK Gut Health Bottlebrush Ferments
Gutsy UK Gut Health Ferments Bottlebrush
Gutsy UK Gut Health Ferments Bottlebrush

Bottlebrush Ferments


Bottlebrush ferments are brought to you by a golden duo.  Aussies Ben + Hesh are two of the most energetic, inspired, dedicated fermenters I have come across in this industry. 

Fermenting runs in Hesh's genes.  He was brought up watching his mother fermenting kombucha and making Asian pickles and later in life was further inspired to discover more after his younger brother and a close friend suffered digestive-related illnesses. 

Teamed up with Ben, these two are the perfect pair to take this product wherever they want.  Ben seems to always be on the run (quite literally), hear more about his 16hr day in his Q&A below. 

These products are all about vibrant natural colour, and are guaranteed to cover a good spectrum of phytonutrients.  (The colours in fruits and vegetables are indicative of a range of vitamins and minerals). So you are sure to be getting the very best out of these living foods.  In fact, their ferments almost make up the colours of a traffic light, the Red one, the Yellow one and ... the Purple one (#eattherainbow).  You can expect sweet zingy pineapple, deep earthy kraut, and hot punchy asian kimchi.  Their website also provides ideas on which meals their crunchy ferments will best complement.

Bottlebrush ferments are sure to bring a bit of colour, a feast for your gut flora, and a heap of great flavour to your meals. 


Gut Loving Probiotic Vegetable Ferments. 

The Purple One - Red cabbage, beetroot and caraway give it a deep, earthy yet versatile flavour. Works well with anything from eggs and smashed avocado to lamb. 
The Yellow One - The Yellow One is inspired by their Aussie heritage – sweet pineapple reminiscent of summers at the beach, with the zing of ginger and superfood boost provided by turmeric. 
The Red One - The Red One is a different take on Kimchi – lots of fresh Chinese cabbage, mooli, carrot, spring onion, garlic and chilli.

Available online very soon, in the meantime available at Farmers Markets across London, including Brixton, Notting Hill Wimbledon; view the full list here:

We want to eat the foods we love and not feel bad for it and we also believe healthy foods and tasty foods can be one and the same.
— Ben + Hesh

How did you come up with the idea to create this product?

My background is in health and fitness and I got into eating and making fermented foods through wanting to improve my own and my clients health. Hesh is a chef and is also big into food as medicine. We teamed up and the rest is history.

What has been the biggest drama while creating this product?

In the early days when we had tubs fermenting at home, overflowing tubs of Kimchi. Waking up to a Kimchi brine flood is not the best way to start the day.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to create this product?

My business partner Hesh, my wife, seeing her build a successful business and Adam from Jarr Kombucha was a massive help and source of inspiration for me.

What does an average working day in your life look like?

Depends on the day, but Mondays I wake at 4am and head to New Covent Garden wholesale veg market to pic up produce, then I drop it to our prep kitchen, go home, get my 5 year old daughter ready for school, drop her off, teach an outdoor group training session to the mums from my daughters class, then head home, change, eat and head to the kitchen where I'll spend the next 8 hours or so producing our products.

How did you first become interested in Gut Health?

My journey with gut health started about 10 years ago through my training and nutritional coaching. This then grew more and more as I started to really understand the benefits and realised how many people suffer with compromised gut health.

Who has been the most influential person on your Gut Health journey?

I had a mentor, functional medicine practitioner Pete Williams. He has been massive in my overall health and wellness journey.

Where do you see the future for Gut Health awareness in the UK?

I think it is going to be THE big thing for health in years to come. Virtually everything health wise has a gut related component.


Flora Montgomery