Fermented by LAB

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Fermented By Lab Ferments Gutsy UK Gut Health
Gutsy UK Gut Health Fermented By LAB Ferments
Gutsy UK Gut Health Fermented By LAB Ferments
Gutsy UK Gut Health Fermented By LAB Ferments
Gutsy UK Gut Health Fermented By LAB Ferments

Fermented by LAB


Fermented by L.A.B. encapsulate what most medical professionals would say are the key to repopulating and rebalancing gut bacteria – diversity. Alana Holloway has managed to put together packages that have made good quality, delicious food and drink accessible to everyone. 

The flavourful products are designed to each provide separate nourishing qualities, while making the most of organic, seasonal produce. If you're not sure how to enjoy them, don't fret, the website provides a selection of simple recipes you can try out.

Their unbelievably well priced monthly subscriptions include a varied selection of kraut, kimchi, kefir and kvass. Now as someone who knows the time these take to prepare and monitor, I still haven't figured out how Alana has managed to sell her products at cost. Sign me up!



Gut Loving Probiotic Food + Drink delivered straight to your door. 

Boxes are delivered on the first and third Wednesday of each month. 

Alana also has a great User Guide for your ferments

£22 - Baby Box (6x small sodas+veggies)
£36 - Big Box (6x large sodas+veggies)
£34 - Soda Box
£38 - Veggie Box

For someone who has had to take control of her health and who has never tried kefir or Kraut before - I’m hooked! Absolutely delicious!
— Emma, Baby Box Subscriber
I drink 1/2 a glass of Kefir every morning and I can well assure you that when I do, my skin is perfect... it is like a wonder drug for me
— Sarah, Kefir Box Subscriber
I now drink Kefir like it’s going out of fashion and have a serving of fermented food at least once a day. My body reminds me when I’ve forgotten as I’ll be in pain within hours, and it’ll be difficult to get under control.
— Lauren, Big Box Subscriber
Flora Montgomery