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Gutsy UK Happy Tummy Co
Gutsy UK Gut Health Happy Tummy Co
Gutsy UK Gut Health Happy Tummy Co
Gutsy UK Gut Health Happy Tummy Co
Gutsy UK Gut Health Happy Tummy Co

Happy Tummy Co


I'm not known to shy away from poo talk, in fact most of the time I’m asked to tone it down. Thankfully The Happy Tummy Co. is here, if only for me to enjoy the comedy testimonials on their website. CEO Karen O'Donoghue + COO Amy Clinkard have created what can ultimately be described as a bespoke bakery. Originally based in Hackney, the bakery use teff to create made-to-order teff products, with plans to expand to New York very soon!

Their signature wholegrain organic chia teff loaf is a staple. It is gluten free, dairy free, yeast free and sugar free...thankfully it’s certainly not taste free.

Happy Tummy Co have recently expanded their products  to a Teff Pecan Loaf, Banana Pecan Loaf, Lovegrass Porridge, 24hr Fermented Teff Scones, and their secret ingredient all the way from Ethoipa, jars of Teff.

Other than their bakery The Happy Tummy Co.'s website provides a range of high fibre recipes that will help with gut health issues. The loaves are currently available around the UK within 24 hours of ordering, or hunt a Happy Tummy Co. product down from this list of suppliers.



A range of Teff products; gluten-free, high-fibre, all designed to keep IBS symptoms away using organic ingredients sourced from the best farmers and producers around the world.

£10.50 - Chia Teff Loaf
£16.00 - Teff Banana Pecan Loaf
£10.50 - 6 Fermented or Vegan Teff Scones
£11.65 - Teff Grain

Many more options available on the Happy Tummy Co. Website...

I’m so happy with Happy Tummy I can’t handle it!! It’s amazing, so good that I can’t stop eating it! My son Wyatt too! Already imagining my last piece! :(
— Goldie Hawn, Actress
Karen and Amy from The Happy Tummy Co. are bringing both Teff and amazing fermented breads to the people of the U.K. to heal our unhappy, irritable, inflamed guts.
— Alex Inge, Cult Beauty
Flora Montgomery