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Are you aware that microbes are everywhere, not just in our gut, but on our skin, in our soil, in our kitchens? If you are starting to care for your gut health, it doesn’t just stop at food and ferments! We have become obsessed with ANTI-biotics, and ANTI-bacteria, and this has had devastating effects on the cultivation of microbes in us.

Let me introduce you to Microbz who are on a mission to not only live a lifestyle without anti-bacteria and chemicals, but to introduce microbes as much as possible.

Microbz was co-founded by Jeff and Sue Allen who are dedicated to the cause of finding every possible way that microbes can support the processes of growing and breaking down materials in our everyday lives that is beneficial to both human and planetary health. That covers everything from cleaning households to regenerating microbes in soil.

In terms of cleaning, microbes naturally like to eat up dirt and grease, they feed off it, which makes them powerful cleaning agents, but they are also completely harmless to people and to the environment. Personally, I have been 90% chemical free for years, using only chemicals when I absolutely have to. For instance, what about when you need to un-block that really greasy sink? I have to admit, I have turned to Mr Muscle in the past, but not anymore - I turn to the magic of Microbz (you should also see their amazing footage of microbes literally eating dirt - it’s amazing).

What I most love, is the idea that what you are pouring down the sink is not just environmentally friendly, but will also support with re-establishing microbial equilibrium on it’s journey out through your drains, and into the environment.

Microbes build up a bio-film of positive bacteria which continues to work long after use and makes probiotic cleaners very effective. They are also completely natural, gentle on skin, allergy friendly and safe for children, pets and the planet.
— Sue Allen ~ Co-Founder, Microbz

Thank goodness, Microbz did not just stop at household products - they have also started looking at environmental products as well.

Did you know there are more organisms in a teaspoon of good soil than there are people on Earth?  Each of these organisms, including earthworms, bacteria and fungi, makes a special contribution in building a healthy, resilient community that is pest and disease-resistant, soaks up water like a sponge, and provides nutrients to growing plants and the surrounding environment. Microbz have developed a series of formulas that support microbial balance for farmers and gardeners to use on soil, compost, and even ponds.

At Gutsy, we strongly agree with Microbz, that “there is a natural solution to the health and environmental issues we face and microbes are at the heart of it”. I have been opened up to a whole new world of wonder about the magic of microbes, and happily support the work that Microbz do in this area.


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Improving Your Soil Naturally

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Cleaning Products - Concentrated microbial cleaning solutions which when mixed into a spray bottle will cost you no more than 32p!

Soil, Plants + Compost - Re-establish and strengthen the natural cycle by creating a healthy environment in your plants, compost and soil.

Pond Balance - Improve pond water and promote plant growth and reduce algae, sediment and decomposition.

And many more…

All natural environments exist in a cycle of life and death and microbes are crucial at every step. As humans, we struggle to close the cycle of life, leading to pollution and waste problems. Microbes break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, so they are available for rebirth and regrowth.
— Jeff Allen ~ Co-Founder, Microbz

How did you come up with the idea to create these products?

We began working with microbes in 2007 and quickly realised they benefit any environment: the gut, our homes, our gardens and for our animals. Microbes are everywhere. And a balance of good microbes means health. Cleaning and gardening are two areas where antibacterial products and chemicals are harming humans and the environment, and this can change.

What has been the biggest drama in your production?

Not yet! Plenty of spills and leaks though, and the more we learn, the more we realise how little we know about the intricate and miraculous microbial world.

Who has your biggest inspiration to create this product?

Rob Gourlay, an environmental scientist in Australia, whose hands-on generosity inspired us to set up our brewery. And we love the magic of fermentation and microbiology, instead of chemistry.

What is coming up next for your product?

Upgrading the brewery, expanding the website, and enjoying the fruits of Soil Conditioner from our polytunnels. We also hope to venture more into the farming world this year.

Where do you see your product in 5 years time?

There is no limit to the uses of microbes in every environment. We want to see more people understanding and appreciating the awesome power of microbes and not being afraid to give the products a try.

What is your favourite Gut Health product, other than your own!

Kimchi, and trying other ferments.

Do you have any gut friendly tips that are part of your daily routine?

Be close to nature, move your body, eat home-grown veg and take Bio-Live but most of all, relax.

What is your earliest memory?

Lying on the red floor of the veranda of our house in Kenya, feeling the warmth of the sun as it rose. (Jeff)
Playing hide and seek, covering my eyes thinking no one could see me. (Sue)

Where or when are you happiest?

Working with microbes, whether spraying them on the fields, putting them in the pond, building new brewing equipment, or cleaning our home and offices. It just feels so natural, like spreading goodwill.

What is the gutsiest thing you have ever done?

Built a 110ft sailing boat in the 1990’s and sailed the north Atlantic in Winter carrying 300 tons of cargo.

What is your current life philosophy?

Do all we can to raise our consciousness and come into our humanity.

What three things do you treasure the most?

Each other, our family and the planet.

Where do you see the future for gut health awareness in the UK?

Exciting! Taking its place in the forefront of health.

Who inspires you the most?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, or simply Sadhguru, an Indian yogi, mystic, and author.

What tune gets you going?

Sunshine Superman (Jeff)
Rolling in the Deep (Sue)

Most antibacterial cleaners available are actually quite bad for your home’s microbiome. That’s right, your home has an ecosystem of microbes just like your body does, and it has a direct effect on your health.
— Sue Allen, Microbz
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