PJ Kombucha

Gutsy UK Gut Health PJ Kombucha
Gutsy UK Gut Health PJ Kombucha
Gutsy UK Gut Health PJ Kombucha
Gutsy UK Gut Health Kombucha PJ
Gutsy UK Gut Health PJ Kombucha

PJ Kombucha


PJ Kombucha is a Vegan Society registered Organic Kombucha.  

They don't stop there, they are a no nasties, great tasting Kombucha brewed here in the UK that also support Rhino conservation in Kruger National Park. A cause close to heart of founder Patrick, who worked there but also where he started his journey plummeting into bad health.  During this time he spent 8 months on antibiotics before discovering the benefits of Kombucha, and then his brand was born.  

We are delighted to support PJ.  This is a wonderful brand, inspired by very personal health journeys with tons of recipes and a great gut health blog to read on their site, including some great Mocktail ideas for the Summer. 

Soon to be available at Planet Organic!

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PJ Kombucha comes in packs of 7 x 330ml glass bottles.
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£25.20 for 7 Bottles

As a doctor, who realises the importance of digestive health, the benefits of kombucha are well known. In addition to all the probiotics, the detoxification and immune system benefits are starting to come to light.
PJ Kombucha is without a doubt, the best Kombucha I have tried.
— Dr. Asim Iqbal
Gutsy UK Gut Health Q&A

How did you come up with the idea to create this product?

I used to live and work out in South Africa, as a Research Coordinator for a camp in Kruger National Park. When I finished there, I moved back to Australia where my immediate family now live. But I came back with a skin infection that the doctors treated with Antibiotics. Unfortunately for my gut and microbiome, the treatment went on for 8 months and as you can imagine, they suffered greatly as a result. I came across Kombucha on my journey to replenish my gut microbes and sort the minor digestive issues the onslaught of antibiotics created. With my background in scientific research, I quickly and enthusiastically began to make Kombucha for myself, family and friends. And once I moved to the UK, I realised the few Kombucha companies at the time, were brewing Kombucha slightly different than I did. So I began to make it for myself again and organically, PJ Kombucha has come about.


Who has been the most influential person on your Gut Health journey?

No one really. It has been a personal journey. But since my boyfriend was diagnosed with Crohn's, that has been influential on my journey.


What is your favourite Gut Health product, other than your own!

I like a good milk Kefir mixed in with a bowl of oats in the morning.


Where do you see the future for Gut Health awareness in the UK?

I can already see a shift happening in the public. Gut health is not a fad and will stick around. Modern medicine is begining to change. And with the 20+ years of research to back it up, the importance of the microbiome and the microbiota inside our gut, and the impact these little critters have throughout our body, is coming to light.

Your products have genuinely been a lifesaver for me as at the beginning of the whole health ordeal, I ended up not eating enough as I simply couldn’t find things to replace my original diet.
— PJ Subscriber
Love my monthly subscription package. I love the fact that I can have a delicious, chilled, bit of fiz that’s actually good for me
— Julia Smith
Flora Montgomery