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Symprove is currently the only finished product on the market that has had proven clinical studies for IBS and IBD. We've all seen probiotic supplements in supermarkets for quite some time and can probably hum the theme tunes to a few of their ads, but their effectiveness has yet to be proven conclusively. This uniquely water-based, liquid supplement contains four strains of live and active bacteria, which are normally found in a healthy gut.

The 12 week programme, is set to balance your gut bacteria and relieve symptoms, if taken daily. It has become clear from the reviews, that a cup of Symprove a day keeps the IBS at bay

For information about the science behind symprove, visit their BIOSCIENCE page.


500ml bottles of Symprove Product

There are various options for buying Symprove but they strongly recommend buying the 12 Week Programme for full effect.

The 12 Week Programme is designed to help you sucessfully balance the bacteria in your gut. They will reward you for committing to the programme by giving you the last 4 weeks free.

Boxes are delivered on the first and third Wednesday of each month. 

£79 (4 weeks)
£158 (8-12 weeks)

Flora Montgomery