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The gut health industry is a melting pot of talent with an array of expertise to be championed, and we are here to spreads their messages and talents.

The products we support come from small independent, artisan companies that are doing amazing work in their fields, striving to create the very best products that are supportive to your digestive wellbeing, whilst also being environmentally conscious.

We do not sell any items directly from this website. We are an independent publisher, sharing information about all the gut health things we have researched, have found inspiring, delicious or very useful to us over the years.

Gutsy has affiliate links with some items below, but this is not what drives us to promote them. We are here to help you make informed choices.

We aim to support brands that look at food and ferments for their prebiotic and probiotic benefits. As yet, we do not promote many supplements on Gutsy. We believe looking for wholesome, natural sources of fibre and ferments is the best foundation for good gut health, and supplements have a place to support such an approach.

Lots more information about each brand can be found on their unique pages below.


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