Gutsy UK Gut Health Naomi Devlin
Gutsy UK Gut Health Naomi Devlin
I set out to write a proper recipe book, full of delicious approachable food and without that quasi religious aspect that clean eating can have.
— Naomi Devlin


Describing Naomi Devlin as a foodie would be an understatement. Her ardent love of all things edible is clear the moment you start to turn the pages of her book. Although not technically a trained chef, she has always seen food as an integral part of life that can comfort, delight and nourish. Being raised in a rural commune, this force of nature seems in tune with the seasons and the foods that come with them. Her home is now a self-built, self-sustainable house in West Dorset – Jealous!

Her gut health journey began 15 years ago when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Her will to push through the restrictions put on her diet is inspiring, as she began researching the topic to learn what she could still enjoy safely. Her education allowed her to develop a holistic approach, which has had a profound influence on her overall health.

Thankfully she decided to share this information with all of us. Between breaks from her incredibly informative fermenting courses around the UK, Naomi has managed to author not only one, but two books, including ‘Food for a Happy Gut’. If such a food fanatic can enjoy a gut healthy lifestyle, everyone can.


Nutritionist, Teacher + Author



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Gutsy UK Gut Health Questions and Answers

What is your earliest memory?

Picking blackberries on a common near Winchester with my mum. She always loved free food and foraging!

What is your current life philosophy?

Eat well, jump around, be silly, get dirty and be compassionate. Oh, and laugh - a lot.

How would your greatest friend describe you in 3 words?

Creative. Big hearted. Funny.

How did you come up with the idea to create your book?

I've been thinking about guts and food for years and working both with clients and to improve my own gut health. People just kept asking me to recommend books that would help them eat to improve their gut health, but everything out there was focussed on clean eating or faddy diets. I set out to write a proper recipe book, full of delicious approachable food and without that quasi religious aspect that clean eating can have.

Do you have any gut friendly tips that are part of your daily routine?

Think about breakfast in advance! I like to eat different grain porridges for breakfast, so I make enough for several days, or fill the freezer with cooked grain for almost instant porridge. I have some form of fermented food that I can dip into every day and make things like dukkah, gomasio and other spicy, nutrient dense sprinkles that I can add to meals to perk them up.

Who has been the most influential person on your Gut Health journey?

I'd be hard pressed to pick one, but I'd probably say Jeff Leach. He's truly passionate about what goes on in the gut and an inspiring proponent of wildness and dirt. I'm not about to give myself a bush enema, but I'm really glad he's out there doing it - so I don't have to.

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