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Everyone deserves the right to be happy and healthy and have all the correct information.
— The Gut Stuff


Hanging out with Lisa and Alana (The Mac Twins) would make anyone wish they had a doppelganger to play off. Other than their physical appearance, the North London based Radio and TV presenters could not be more different if they tried. Fortunately that’s exactly what Professor Tim Spector was hoping to find, and what lead these two hilarious sisters down the path of gut health.

It was during Tim’s TwinsUK research that he discovered that although they have 100% of the same DNA, their guts have only 40% of the same microbiota. This finally explained why even under test conditions, when they lived identical lives, their bodies responded differently. The lovely lasses were inspired to continue researching the topic of gut health and founded The Gut Stuff, a platform for them to share their journey.

When asked what their favourite source for gut health information is, most people will probably include The Gut Stuff – I am no different. This comes as no surprise as Alana and Lisa have taken the subject literally to the streets. Through a series of interview vlogs and researched blogs they have put together a resource that is clear and relatable. Their enthusiasm and infectious approach to life is certainly reflected in The Gut Stuff.  Their engaging witty banter combined with cutting edge data on the subject, has allowed the word to "gut out". 

I really struggle to capture the real essence of this comedy duo, here. My advice is to just head over to their website now!



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Gutsy UK Gut Health Questions and Answers

What is your earliest memory?

Sucking each others thumbs..(bit random, but good for sharing bacteria!)

Who would be your dream dinner party guest?

Stephen Fry - we want him to be our Uncle!

What is your current life philosophy?

USB - Unshakeable Self Belief, it's a saying our childhood best friend taught us when she was playing Badminton at the Commonwealth Games and its always stuck with us!

What three things do you treasure the most?

Alana says her husband too and her dog Pongo!
Lisa says Cheese!
Being able to get through the day happy and healthy is a luxury that shouldn't be taken for granted

How would your greatest friend describe you in 3 words?

Loud, Loyal, Loving.

What is your ultimate health goal?

I think health is a journey rather than an end goal and you've just got to keep riding the waves, staying positive and doing your best with what makes you feel happy.

What was the biggest inspiration for you to create The Gut Stuff?

We were so shocked by what we found out and how the gut is linked to so many different problems/diseases we just had to shout it from the roof tops!

Do you have any gut friendly tips that are part of your daily routine?

A shot of probiotic in the morning (at the moment our choice is Symprove!) Alana normally fasts in the morning and we both try and get as many different coloured fruit and veggies in for lunch and dinner - we treat it like a little competition! We don't say no to a glass of red wine of an evening too - good source of polyphenols!

What is your favourite resource for information about gut health right now?

Because the research is still so new we try and pull resources from lots of different places - internet and books and of course HUMAN BEINGS. We keep our little pool of scientists and specialists close so we’re always at the front of the research.

What would you like to see in the future for gut health awareness in the UK?

That everyone is educated on Gut Health and that they have the tools to help it no matter what part of the country you're in or how much money you earn. EVERYONE deserves the right to be happy and healthy and have all the correct information.

Flora Montgomery