by Gutsy Flora



At Gutsy, we believe it is time to take responsibility for our sh*t, both literally and figuratively. Here are 5 very good reasons why:


Our microbial diversity is declining every decade within the gut health revolution.  This is likely to be a major contributor to the modern epidemics of allergy, auto-immmune disease, obesity and diabetes.  

The latest science is suggesting that the disorder of microbial ecology may well explain many of our modern health problems. A multitude of factors have been suggested to contribute to this decrease of diversity of species of gut microbiota. Hygiene hysteria, excessive antibiotic pill-popping, and supermarkets stocked up with increasingly processed and fibre-poor foods has possibly had its toll. Sadly with our modern climate, this means for some of us our guts are struggling and we need to start being more aware and find more ways to help improve our gut microbiome, and ultimately our health. 


We are not generic, one size does not fit all. Our guts are totally unique to us, and our diets and lifestyle choices should mirror that. Gut health is all about the individual. Our advice is to never follow the latest food fads, take supplements because others do or copy anyone else's diet because it worked for them. You are entirely unique and that should be celebrated! That being said, following an evidence-based approach can help to improve your health based on facts – and that is where Gutsy is here to help.


It links to so many different health theories that make sense.  These are big subjects, but to touch on a few that are particularly interesting:

Stress - even if you are eating great wholesome food, high stress levels may mean you aren’t absorbing all the nutrients and minerals you need. 

Keep It Simple – hooray, no need for any complicated diets here. You don’t have to buy expensive superfoods, just simple changes can make all the difference.

Bio-availability of Foods – There is no such thing as a magic bullet, no one food or nutrient that acts as a cure-all. Having a wide range of different types of foods, like wholegrains, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds, can all contribute different nutrients to nourish your whole body, and titillate your taste buds.


Parents with new-born babies, workers feeling exhausted at their desks, the chef wondering how to start fermenting… Research is slowly revealing how much our gut health effects so many other systems in our bodies; our immunity, our brain, our ability to sleep well. 

Even if you have no problems with your digestion, your gut microbiome has been shown to be linked to other areas of your body as well, like your heart and your brain. Perhaps you suffer from a skin condition or allergies, or just simply feel a little below par; looking after your gut can have a profound effect. If you find you don’t always leap out of bed every morning and are sometimes sluggish in the afternoons. Perhaps you have a tendency to suffer from anxiety, even a few changes to your lifestyle can have a profound benefit.

Everyone can benefit from paying some attention, and find a way to make a few Gutsy lifestyle choices today.


Our body is an extremely clever bio-computer.  The gut is just one mechanism within us that is striving to perform for you on a daily basis. If we treat our gut well, we are giving our bodies a helping hand whether in health or disease.  At the very least, we hope that Gutsy will intrigue you, inspire you and start you on the path to a happier microbiome, a happier you.




Chef and Health Consultant Gutsy Flora is on a mission to absorb and share everything she loves about Gut Health.  A topic she is desperately trying to keep up with and is dedicated to the cause of translating information for the Gutsy readers.  Her expertise are in fermenting and supporting people to lead a holistic lifestyle. Her favourite topics of interest are the gut-brain-axis and whole foods relating to the gut microbiome. Flora works with private clients to inspire and guide them in making truly sustainable adjustments towards a healthier balance that suite their lifestyle. 


Written by © Flora Montgomery. All rights reserved.

Flora Montgomery