by Gutsy Flora

Gutsy UK Gut Health Approach

Thanks to an increasing awareness to all things gut health related in the media today, gut health is enjoying a renaissance that is here to stay.

Having been fascinated by all things that fizz and ferment to better our overall health for many years now, we want to understand simple ways to help our ‘second brain’ out on a daily basis as it’s evident that the human gut microbiome impacts human brain health in numerous ways. If you have ever experienced butterflies in your stomach, this really is your brain in your stomach talking to the brain in your head! It’s powerful and so here we share our four top tips as to how you can start developing a deeper connection.


Taking control of your health is a choice. This sounds simple and obvious but this really is the first step for everyone.  Fine, you have read the odd article, or listened to a friend rant on, but bringing this into your life is entirely down to you. Deciding to, well, give a shit about your guts! If you make that choice now to start the process of making some changes, then you are already approaching this in the right way. 


You are unique. Your microbiome is unique too.  One person’s medicine is another’s poison. Anyone who dictates to you what you should do, what exercise routine you should have, what alternative medicine has worked for them… remember it WORKED FOR THEM as an individual, and easily might not work for you. That’s why Gutsy believes in an evidence-based approach, breaking down the hard science for you straight from the research undertaken by top scientists in the field, so that you know that you’re getting your facts straight. This moment could be the best revelation you could have today – stop getting overwhelmed with other people’s information. Get the facts and find out what works for you. This is your lifestyle and your gut flora. 


As Rob Knight, a pioneer in studying human microbes says, ‘Our microbes make us who we are. The three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you might be more important than every single gene you carry around in your genome.’ Perhaps this may sound like an odd concept, but this approach has really helped many to stay in tune with what gut health is all about. 

Your gut flora, the little bugs inside you, a community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies that have a huge and largely unexplored role in our health and on you. A vast array of strains, all with different functions, needs, and on all areas of your body.  You are a cloud of microbiome, being affected all the time.


So much about gut health is simple, and free.  Just take one small step that suits you. Try out something new, switch life up a bit.  It could be a change in your home, or making different food choices. Perhaps trying to include a wider variety of vegetables each week, or making a probiotic at home like water kefir. If you do think you may have more serious issues with your gut health then it is always advisable to seek further assistance. Ask your doctor to refer you to a gastroenterologist, or a dietitian



Chef and Health Consultant Gutsy Flora is on a mission to absorb and share everything she loves about Gut Health.  A topic she is desperately trying to keep up with and is dedicated to the cause of translating information for the Gutsy readers.  Her expertise are in fermenting and supporting people to lead a holistic lifestyle. Her favourite topics of interest are the gut-brain-axis and whole foods relating to the gut microbiome. Flora works with private clients to inspire and guide them in making truly sustainable adjustments towards a healthier balance that suite their lifestyle.

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Flora Montgomery