Gutsy sheds light on some of the key concepts in gut health, inspiring you to take a fresher and more informed approach to your own wellbeing
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Is this pickled Umeboshi plum actually good for you? Is a bottle of Kombucha in the health shop worth the £5.35? What actually is it? Why don’t I just take a supplement instead? Is this all just a science fad? Where can I find out more? 

When I was first introduced to fermented foods and gut health I had so many questions, and still do. As a relatively new approach to healthy eating, I've had to comb the internet and speak to many amazing people who have been on the forefront of this science.

This inspired us to set up Gutsy, as an online guide to gut health in the UK. It functions as a resource, to inform and inspire, but also point you in the direction of equipment and products or restaurants to help you to make choices that work for you to lead a healthier, gutsy lifestyle.

We believe a healthier gut creates a healthier body, and in turn effects all other systems in your body - immunity, stress, weight, mental health.



Here at Gutsy we shed light on key concepts in gut health, by introducing the main concepts and players in this burgeoning science.

We are not here to paralyse you with too many facts and figures, but simply inspire you to start tuning into your gut by explaining why this is a positive move.

We have done the hard work for you and compiled bite-sized information and links to resources and products, which can help on your journey. Our commitment is to provide the highest standards of evidence based gut health information in an appropriately easy to digest format.


How this website can help you

Blog - Our blog is here to introduce you to some concepts and theories about gut health that interest us as well as offer some practical advice. We have repeatedly heard from those taking their first steps towards a gut healthy lifestyle that the major issues they face are time constraints and complex information. To be fair there is a lot of science and fermenting does initially sounds like an arduous process. We are here to break down some big topics into bite size pieces, and hopefully provide you with a framework that is neither time consuming, arduous, nor confusing.  

Glossary - Krauts, Kvass, Kamut, Kraut - Kwhat? Don’t worry - our glossary supplies a quick guide for you to learn about some key words thrown about in the gut health world.

Learn - In our learning section we give readers introductions to books, blogs, vlogs, podcasts and scientific studies.   Cutting edge research on the digestive system, and in particular the microbiome is coming out every day it’s almost impossible to keep up. Gutsy provides regular updates to keep you appraised of all the cutting-edge research, for you to explore at your own leisure.

Life - Our Life section is designed to help you save time on your journey towards a gut healthy lifestyle.  When it comes to researching, planning, and fermenting we are offering up all the resources that we have discovered. We have compiled a simple guide of our choice equipment, recipes, events, restaurants, and products that will get you going on the Gutsy path.

Private Consultations - For those of you looking for expert guidance, we have pulled together a list of gut health experts that can offer private consultations.  Private consultants can advise you on functional testing, or bespoke health programmes that works for your particular body and personal microbiome.  

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Gutsy Founder

I thought by now I would have grown past the poo chat, but here I am aged 30 something, and loving the toilet talk more than ever.

I grew up nourished by home-grown tasty vegetables, covered in microbes. Only now can I truly appreciate and understand how lucky I was.

I work as a Private Health Consultant, and previously to that I worked as a Private Chef across the globe for over 10 years.

I first stumbled across fermenting in 2015, since then I have made it my mission to absorb everything I possibly can relating to the subject of Gut Health in the UK.

Gutsy is my outlet to share this all with you.